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World Laser Masters Championship 2011

Fri 5th August 2011 - Sat 13th August 2011

USA, San Francisco

The initial application for entry deadline was 15 March 2011. Late applications for entry will be accepted from 29 March 2011 until 23:59 GMT, 15 June 2011.

Sailors are advised that the application fee for all Laser World Championships has been increased to £50 GBP. The increase in the application fee is intended to encourage all sailors to react to being offered a place for entry. Last year, 20% of places offered to sailors were not reacted to which causes delays for all sailors in the entry process.

The World Laser Masters Championship 2011 is a restricted entry allocated championship, sailors wishing to enter must first complete an application form.

If the application is accepted and ranked by the National Laser Association, the sailor will be automatically added to the waiting list.

To visit the host venue website please click here.For more information about the ILCA Entry System, please click here.

Charter Boats

A limited number of charter boats will be available from 5th August costing £475 (GBP) plus a refundable £150 (GBP) damage deposit. For more information on charter allocations please click here.

Charter boats are supplied with hull with self-bailer, spars, centreboard, rudder, mainsheet side cleats, control line deck block fitting with blocks and control line deck cleat fitting with cleats.
Charter boats are also supplied with XD padded toe straps, which are 870 mm long.
Competitors must provide their own ropes, boom vang, mainsheet block, traveller blocks, tiller and tiller extension, sail and battens.

Charter Extension

A very restricted number of charter extension boats are available. If you wish to pick up and use your boat earlier you must book a Charter Extension. For a fee of £150 (GBP) you may extend your charter booking by seven days to start from 29th July.

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