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World Youth Laser 4.7 Championship 2007

Thu 27th December 2007 - Fri 4th January 2008


Event entry closing date: 8 November 2007

The World Youth Laser 4.7 Championship 2007 is an open event available to everyone who will be 12 years old but not 18 years old in 2007.

Charter Boats

Boats will be available from December 27th.
The cost of 'Worlds' charter will be £390(GBP) plus a £150(GBP) refundable damage deposit for a 2007 pre used boat.

The boats are supplied with hull, upper mast, 4.7 lower mast, boom, centerboard, rudder, bailer, deck block fitting with deck blocks, deck cleat fitting with cleats and hiking strap.

Competitors must bring their own sail, battens, tiller, tiller extension, ropes, control lines and control line blocks (apart from deck blocks), boom vang blocks and line, Cunningham control line and blocks, outhaul control line and blocks, traveller and traveller blocks, mainsheet and mainsheet block.

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