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Information for Countries / National Laser Class Associations about the ILCA Entry System

Updated February 5, 2014

This page is aimed at describing how the ILCA Entry System works and what Countries / National Laser Class assocations need to do if they would like to send sailors to ILCA World Championships. We hope that you can find all the information you are looking for here, but if after reading this page you have any questions please do not hesitate to send an email inquiry to

All sailors wishing to enter into an ILCA World Championship, must first make an application on the ILCA website. (For more information about how sailors can apply, please read the Information for Sailors section).

Timelines for championships, including the opening and closing of applications and entry deadlines, are detailed in the Notices of Race for each championship. An International Circular will also be sent to the main ILCA contact at your Laser Class Association.

After the closing date for initial applications and before the ranking deadline given by ILCA you must rank all sailors that have completed an application for entry to each of the championships. The ILCA system will automatically offer your allocated places to the ranked sailors at the top of each list. Any sailors in the application list that are ranked and have not been offered an allocated place will automatically be transferred to the extra place request list (called "applications waiting for a place" list) and may receive an entry offer in the next rounds.

Example: If your country receives 5 allocated places and has 16 applications, of which 15 were ranked, then the applications ranked 1 to 5 will receive an emailed entry offer and the applications ranked 6 to 15 will be held on the extra place request list (called "applications waiting for a place" list) to be offered places if available in the later rounds. The sailors ranked 6 to 15 will also receive an e-mail informing them about their situation. Sailor 16 will stay on the application list with no action. He will also receive an e-mail informing him of the situation and that he should contact his Laser Class Association.

Any country that has more allocated places than ranked applications by the initial entry application deadline (please refer to the Notice of Race, paragraph Entry Applications and Entry Process) will lose the unused allocated places. These places are returned to ILCA to issue to countries that have more ranked applications than places. The process used to distribute the extra places to each country is a continuation of the system initially used to calculate the allocated places.

Example: If your country receives 6 allocated places and has 4 ranked applications then the applicants ranked 1 to 4 will receive an emailed entry offer and the 2 remaining unused allocated places will be removed from your country and issued to the other countries.

Entry Offers / Allocated Places

All entry offers are sent to sailors by email. Sailors are asked to complete entry or decline the entry offer by clicking the respective link in the email. Declining the entry offer allows the entry to be passed to the next ranked sailor of the same country.

All entry offers are only valid for 14 days. After 14 days an entry offer will time out and will no longer allow entry to the championship (ILCA provides an automatic entry system to assist sailors if they believe they are not going to be able to respond to an emailed entry offer). If a sailor lets an entry offer time out by neither entering nor declining within 14 days then this place is returned to ILCA to be issued to the next country that qualifies for an extra place. There is one exception to the previous point in that for the first round only if an entry offer is allowed to time out by a sailor (by neither entering nor declining) the next ranked applicant in the country's application list will be sent the previously timed out entry offer by email with another 14 days in which to complete entry or decline the entry offer.

Example: World Laser 4.7 Youth Championship: If your country receives 3 allocated places and has 5 ranked applications then on the 3rd November the sailors with applications ranked 1 to 3 will receive an emailed entry offer. If after 14 days the sailor ranked 1st and 3rd have completed entry but the sailor ranked 2nd has not entered or declined his entry offer then this entry offer will be offered to the sailor whose application was ranked 4th. If then following a further 14 days the sailor ranked 4th that was offered the first round timed out entry offer has neither entered or declined, then this place is returned to ILCA to issue to the next country which qualifies for an extra place. The sailor that was ranked in 5th place could receive an entry offer either if the sailors ranked ahead of him in the country application list had declined their places or if the country is awarded extra places.

The list of allocated places for each championship can be found from the "Allocations" link in the left hand menu of each championship web site, links are available from the ILCA home page.

Extra places will be offered later on using all allocated places that where not used by other countries.

Registering Your Country's Places Without the Sailors' Details (Allowing for a later national qualification / ranking date).

If you are unable to rank your sailors by the initial entry application deadline then your country would normally lose all of its allocated places. This can be avoided by reserving all or some of your allocated places and confirming a later date when the sailors will complete the entry details. Please contact the ILCA immediately by email to reserve your places. Please note that by reserving allocated places, you are financially committing to these places. Allocated places can only be reserved by making the full application and entry payment. ILCA will invoice your district for the number of allocated places you wish to reserve.

It is very important when declaring a later ranking date that Districts do not wait too long with their qualification/ranking in order to allow adequate time and opportunity for sailors to arrange the other aspects of their championship attendance - including accommodation, transport, a charter boat or arranging transport of their boat.

Countries wishing to register places without the sailors' details must contact ILCA by email immediately. Payment of the application and entry fees for the reserved places must be made in full before places will be reserved. ILCA will invoice the district for the number of reserved places.

Extra places cannot be reserved and will be available to each district as available until the entry closing date or the date on which the entry limit for the event is reached.

Below you can see a visual representation of the Application for Entry process:

Entry System Sailors

Possible Questions:

Q) If a sailor wants to enter after the end of the "Application for Entry" period is this possible and what will happen?

A) Late application can be made (please check the Notice of Race for the date from which extra places will be offered). Late applicants are only eligible for extra places. Countries will need to process any late applications deciding if these sailors should be entered into the list for requesting extra places or if the application should be declined.

Q) Can a Laser Class Association or other person complete an application for entry on behalf of a sailor?

A) Yes, it is preferred that a sailor make his or her application themself but there is the opportunity for a Laser Class Association, coach or parent to make the application on the sailors' behalf.

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