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IC231 - 2008 World Youth Laser 4.7 Championship Entry

The 2008 World Youth Laser 4.7 Championship is an allocated event (with a restricted number of places issued to each district). Therefore only sailors qualified by their district can enter the championship. ILCA has revised the entry system for all allocated events and the revised system will be used for the 2008 World Youth Laser 4.7 Championship (please see below for an explanation).

World Youth Laser 4.7 Championship

Fri 22nd August - Fri 29th August 2008

Entry Fee £150

Application for Entry period: 7 January - 14 March
Applications replied to by: 4 April
Initial Entry Deadline: 28 April
Extra Places Issued from: 1 May - 30 June

Application forms:

World Youth Male Laser 4.7 Championship
World Youth Female Laser 4.7 Championship

Description of the new system for allocated entry.

In order to simplify the entry process the ILCA office introduced a new web based entry system in 2007. The new system allowed allocated championships with a restricted number of entries as well as open championships without limitation of numbers per country. For events based on allocated places for each district the new system streamlined in particular the collection of allocation codes and the requesting of extra places. The details of these procedures, in operation since early 2007 are described in IC215. Based on the experiences in 2007 a further simplification of the process for allocated events was decided and developed. In the 2007 system the entry codes where made available to district officers on a confidential web site. They in turn would distribute the codes to those sailors who had registered interest in the championship based on the district qualification / ranking system. This could be cumbersome for the district officers particularly of large districts who in certain cases had to handle well over 100 emails and telephone calls. The new system stream lines this first phase of the entry process in the following way:

  1. Instead of sailors registering their interest to attend the event with the district officer all sailors who want to go to a championship with allocated places have to register themselves using the application form on the ILCA web site before the end of the "Application for Entry" period. Applying for an entry offers no guarantee of being offered an entry place.
  2. After the "Application for Entry" period the district officers will rank all sailors from their district that have completed an application for entry based on the district qualification and/or ranking system.
  3. The new ILCA entry system will automatically allocate entry codes directly to the sailors ranked by the district that fall within the number of allocated places issued to the district. If more sailors in a district have applied than there are allocated places available the remaining applicants will be placed onto a waiting list for any possible extra places. If less sailors in a district make an application for entry than the number of allocated places issued to the district then the non-used places will be cancelled by ILCA. The district officer can also decline a sailors application for entry at this time. All sailors will be informed automatically by email to the address provided by the sailor when submitting their application for entry, on one of the three possible outcomes - an allocated place offered, entry application added to the extra place request waiting list or application declined by the district.
  4. Sailors offered an entry will have a three week period in which to complete entry including full payment.

Possible Questions:

Q) If a sailor wants to enter after the end of the "Application for Entry" period is this possible and what will happen?

A) Late application can be made. Sailors who submit an application for entry after the "Application for Entry" period will be entered into a different list and will not be automatically entered into the waiting list for any extra places. District officers will need to process any late applications deciding if these sailors should be entered into the list for requesting extra places or if the application should be declined. There will not be an opportunity to offer late applications an allocated place.

Q) Can a district officer or other person complete an application for entry on behalf of a sailor?

A) Yes, it is preferred that a sailor make his or her application themselves but there is the opportunity for a district officer, coach or parent to make the application on the sailors’ behalf.

Q) Our district qualifications do not complete until after the sailors should be ranked in the new system. Can our district still use its allocated places?

A) A district can request to ILCA that its allocated places be held in reserve due to late qualifications. ILCA will require the district to make payment for all of the allocated places to be held in reserve, this money will be returned once the sailors make entry. If a place is reserved and a sailor does not make entry the money paid to ILCA to reserve this place will not be returned. As such districts should only reserve the number of places they will definitely require.

Q) We have more sailors interested than issued allocated places and our qualifications finish after all sailors should be ranked. Is it possible to reserve more than our allocated places?

A) It is only possible to reserve the allocated places. However districts can add anonymous applications for the desired number of extra places to the system. If extra places become available they will be reserved until the district qualifications have completed. These further reserved places will require payment from the district to be have them held in reserve. This payment will again be returned upon a sailor completing entry but not returned if the place is not used.

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